July 8, 2011

Wild Weather Flinders Island

Flinders Islands recent weather has shocked  us in to finally feeling like winter is here, everyone has there fires roaring all night and all day to keep their houses warm and cosy.

Beanies, thick jackets, gloves, scarves, long boots and water proof jackets have been dusted off and are in full force on the island.

No time to stop and say hi to neighbours, friends or family this week, you might end up with frost bite on your toes and finger tips. Darting from one side of the street to the other so we don’t get blown away or soaked to death from the endless bombardment of wind and heavy rain.

Hot cups of tea and pots of soup and stew are on the menu to stop our insides from freezing over. We will do anything to keep warm in this weather! Keep undercover and have heaters on high is the only way to keep warm as this weather passes by.

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